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Punch Trophy Getters

Punch Trophy Getters
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Punch Trophy Getters


The Punch Trophy Getters are a universally popular glove designed to be used in serious boxing training and sparring. these ultra durable and great quality glove have waterproof linings which allow the gloves to last longer than a glove without waterproof lining. The full wrap silid velcro wrist strap gives ultimate wrist support and the padded, attached thumb keep it out of the way to prevent injury. The Punch Trophy Getters have deluxe padded palms which gives comfort and protect you and your sparing partner. Available in sizes 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, 16oz and 18oz and in a range of colors. You really can not go wrong when looking for a serious boxing glove. The heavyness of the glove will be determined buy the size of the user and also the trainer. Small boxers will generally use 8oz - 12oz and the heavier boxers with harder his will use 14oz - 18oz. This is a general guide.


When ever you wear a boxing mitt or boxing glove we highly recommend wearing a inner or wrap inside the glove at all times. These have a few different features but the most important one is that they will absorb sweat away from your hand and prevent the gloves from deteriorating. Sweat is acidic and will ruin the gloves from the inside out, the wraps or inners will prevent this. Another reason to wear them are for hand and wrist support.

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